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How-to cooking videos

Making mini-wedding cakes

These are big hits for wedding showers or to use at individual placesettings at wedding or rehearsal dinners.

How to make a Rice Krispie wedding cake

How to make a childhood treat into a wedding worthy dessert: The perfect dessert for wedding showers, rehearsal dinners or receptions. You'll also learn how to make a chocolate bride/groom cake topper.

How to make mason jar pies

Get tips on how to make a mason jar pies from the pie crust to the filling. These Individual pies are mobile desserts perfect for picnics or boxed lunches, great for gift baskets and thanks you gifts.

How to use a pie machine

These pies only take 10 minutes to bake. Here are some tips and tricks of how to use a pie machine to make individual pie. These are a perfect family activity that your kids will be proud to take out of their lunch boxes.  

Edible Easter Basket

How to make an edible Easter basket using fruity pebbles cereal. This makes for a great Easter basket, centerpiece or Easter holiday decor. Fill it with candies, chocolates and Easter eggs. After your done Easter egg hunting nibble on your basket too!

How to make wedding tea sandwiches

A step by step instruction on how to make tea sandwiches for a wedding shower shaped like wedding cakes, bells and high heel shoes

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