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Serendipity not only way to get help from Hayley

I launched my Help from Hayley website in December of 2011, but it was a long time in coming. I was used to friends and family asking me for help on cooking, recipe planning, unique tablescapes and presentation of food. Those who had been to my home would also call with questions about home decorating projects, the kind that brand a house as uniquely yours. People would call and say, "I need help from Hayley," and then launch into a question about whatever project was stumping them.

I loved being the go-to person.

Once I started sharing my tips on TV, however, I realized more than my intimate circle of friends and family had the same kind of questions. They, too, wanted to be able to reach out for help from Hayley. Then the clincher happened.

I was in a grocery store when a man who was clearly confuzzled approached me for advice. "I need to buy a loaf of cornbread, and I can't find it anywhere," he said. Turns out it was for stuffing. I showed him where to get cornbread croutons instead and saved him several steps of cooking prep. By the time we parted, he was confident in his ability to make a Thanksgiving favorite.

From that experience, launching the website seemed the next logical step. Why rely on serendipity and help only those who happen to cross my path when I could offer a 24/7 resource? So here it is. My online resource so you, too, can have Help from Hayley. I hope you enjoy browsing the site. Please visit often for the latest tips and sign-up to receive periodic newsletters with timely tips.

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