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A note from Hayley

Today’s hectic lifestyles can make sit-down dinners seem like a quaint relic from Mayberry, a throw-back to a bygone era when life was slower-paced and there was time to cook a meal worth lingering over. Brutal schedules these days seem to demand we eat on the run and shovel down foods we know are laced with preservatives and unhealthy additives just because they’re fast.  

I’ve set out to change that.

I want to give everyone --  families, singles, the time-starved and even the cooking-impaired -- the opportunity to truly dine at home.


Hayley Gibbons

About the sauces

Simple cuts of meat can become mouth-watering gourmet meals with the right sauce. I set out, initially, to create sauces for my sister Polly to use.  She wanted to eat well, wanted to enjoy sit-down dinners at home, but simply didn’t have the time – and, she’ll tell you, the skill or desire – to put together a meal from scratch.


For her and those like her, I created seven flavors that can help the most time-starved cook pull together a great, fool-proof meal in minutes. I’ve selected fine ingredients, blended them perfectly, limited preservatives and reduced sodium. Four of them are gluten-free and four are low sodium.  See nutrition labels.


These sauces are versatile.  Not only does each of them go with beef, chicken, pork, and fish, they can also be used in whatever style of cooking you enjoy.  Bake, simmer, slow-cook or grill with these sauces.  You can even spice up salads, party appetizers and side dishes.  Each jar of sauce is a welcome answer to the dreaded what’s-for-dinner question.  See sauce recipes.


The reaction

I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve had critics with the most discerning palates try these sauces and rave.  The consensus: something this good had to be brought to market for everyone to enjoy.

Developing the sauces 

It was important to me when I went into production on the sauces that they be as healthy and flavorful as what I made in my own kitchen. 


I headed to an industrial test kitchen – Coyote Kitchen, a bottler in Phoenix – to refine my recipes for production. (If you’ve ever doubled a favorite recipe and had it fail, you know that simple math doesn’t always work. Cooking is more about chemistry than math. Ingredients in different volumes come together differently.) I worked to limit the need for preservatives and to source the best ingredients for each sauce. I had thorough nutritional analysis done so home cooks could be certain the sauces are not only good, but good and healthy.


I encourage you to read the labels even if you’re not on any diet restrictions. They all have real ingredients – things like agave nectar, mushrooms, chipotle peppers, lemon zest -- the kind you'd use if you had the time to do the shopping and chopping.


Order Help from Hayley sauces and see for yourself.  Or try them out at a “Get Sauced” party in your own home.

I guarantee these sauces will expand your list of easy go-to meals and increase the time you have to enjoy them with loved ones.

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