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Hayley Gibbons is a culinary-trained hospitality, cooking and DIY coach who helps simplify gracious living to fit modern lifestyles. After 20-plus years in the restaurant industry, Hayley is following her passion: sharing her sauces and expertise with others.


Here is her personal story of how she changed her life to be able to bring you Help from Hayley.


About Hayley Gibbons

Hayley in the kitchen

Bringing Help From Hayley Sauces to market is inextricably tied to my personal journey for creating more meaning and satisfaction in my life.  For twenty-plus years, I’d regularly worked a grueling 60 to 70 hour week in restaurant management.  And, mostly, I loved it.  But then my mother died after a hard-fought battle with cancer. I missed her, and in my grief I started evaluating my own life and what I wanted to do with it.


The answer required big hairy changes.


In 2011, I left behind a secure, well-paying career, and though I had no particular plan, I was determined to follow my passion. My goal: to share simple ways people can make everyday an occasion. I didn’t want to see the gracious touches of earlier eras lost, though I knew all too well the time-constraints of 

of modern life that made them nearly impossible.


I started tinkering with recipes, home décor projects, and party planning seeing how I could make them easy to implement, and began sharing them on TV.  I remember my first episode on Channel 10 in Phoenix.  The show’s host asked where people could follow-up and learn more about my ideas.  I gave out my home phone number!


Needless to say, that had to change. I went home and immediately started working on the website I also continued my TV appearances in Phoenix appearing on Channels 3, 5, 10, and 12. The appearances were

a hit, and my recipes were also picked up and featured by stations in 15 markets nationally.


The response I got from a time-starved public, including my sister, led me from the studio back to the kitchen to create five Help from Hayley cooking sauces. Bringing these sauces to market and sharing tips on my website proved to be the change I needed in my life. I get true joy hearing how my sauces take the stress out of family dinners and entertaining, freeing people to not only enjoy good food, but each other. It’s the focus I needed in my own life– seeing how food helps you connect with others.


It’s provided a satisfaction like little else I’ve known.

Hayley's cooking inspiration


Though classically trained in the culinary arts, the person who had the biggest influence on Hayley's cooking was a woman she never met — her Grandma Lupe. Though she died before Hayley was born, the meals and memories she managed to create on a tiny two-burner stove lives on.  Hayley and her grandma's special connection proves that food traditions are one of the strongest bonds through generations.



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