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The flavor of this sauce nearly bursts out of the bottle.  Before you even open it, you’ll see the texture of savory sliced mushrooms simmered in a rich broth of garlic, parsley and, of course, marsala wine.  These aromatic flavors are allowed to slowly simmer together into a perfectly balanced blend that’s ready to dress up everything from your favorite meatloaf to an elegant chicken marsala.


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Mushroom Marsala

This slow simmered sauce is a subtle -- not spicy -- blend of tequila, garlic and lime juice in a flavorful stock filled with onions and a generous sprinkling of cilantro. The pairing of lime and tequila wakes up any dish and is particularly suited to fish, shellfish, chicken and pork dishes. Made with real tequila, this sauce is a great tenderizer for all cuts of meat, and a versatile basting sauce for shrimp and chicken.


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Tequila Lime

The deep red thickness of this sauce hints at its smoky, peppery taste which is cooled with a subtle and sweet agave finish and a hint of lime.  Use this in any recipe calling for barbeque sauce and you’ll create a brand new taste with a southwestern flair.  Use it in slow cooking, basting, simmering or as a marinade.


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Chipotle Agave

With fresh lemon zest woven throughout, this sauce has a crisp wine finish and the pleasant tartness of capers mixed in a refreshing blend that will enhance, not overpower, the flavor of your favorite fish and meats. Use it anytime to enjoy the lemony taste of summer, especially the ever-popular chicken or veal piccata.


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Lemon Caper

This is a light, non-imposing sauce that blends thyme and basil with shallots, garlic and a hint of lemon in crisp white wine.  In addition to refreshing flavor, this sauce adds color and texture to a dish and pairs well with chicken, shellfish, fresh fish and lean cuts of pork. Enjoy the subtle, peppery flavor of basil set off with a citrus finish. Makes a delightful shrimp scampi.


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Herbed White Wine