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About Hayley, bottling her sauces and what's inside


Thanks for your interest in the person behind the Help from Hayley website, sauces and tips.

Hayley Gibbons


Yes, we're talking about a living, breathing person.  This is no fictionalized character like Betty Crocker, but a real woman who loves to create the recipes on this site and share them with you.  



Her Cooking Sauces


When Hayley headed off to the test kitchen, she had one goal in mind:  help the most time-starved cook pull together a great, fool-proof meal in minutes. Find out how she did it.

Sauce ingredients


Check out the nutritional labels for each of the Help from Hayley sauces… even if you’re not on any diet restrictions. Hayley has sourced the best ingredients for each so her sauces are not only good, but good for you.

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