Super Bowl Party

So you're throwing a Super Bowl Party!  Below are some menus and recipes based on foods from the competing teams or the host city of New Orleans and of course I have "neutral" recipes for those who don't want to take sides! 
Football Recipes from San Francisco
San Francisco Cioppino

This is a seafood stew popular in San Francisco.  Make a big batch of this and let your guests help themselves.  Serve with sour dough bread and cheer on your 49ers!


Click here for the recipe.

Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

Made Famous from the "It's" factory in San Francisco.  This chocolate chip cookie sandwiches vanilla ice cream for a delicious ice cream sandwich.  I shape the cookies into footballs and make the laces out of melted dark chocolate. 


Click here for the recipe.

Football Recipes from Baltimore
Pit Beef Sandwich
This is Baltimores' answer to barbecue.  A spiced rubbed round beef roast cooked on a "pit" until the outside is charred and the inside is medium rare-sliced thin and served with a horseradish sauce.  Click here for the recipe.

Lady Baltimore Cupcakes

This recipe is based from the famous Baltimore cakes.  It is a yellow cake topped with a meringue frosting and filled with a liquor infused fruit and nut icing.  For the recipe click here.

Football Recipes from the Host city of New Orleans

Crab Cake Sliders

This recipe lets you make your own crab cake recipe or use store bought cakes you bake and assemble.  Top the cakes with this remoulade sauce and you have the perfect crab cake slider. 

For the recipe and direction click here.

Cajun Wings
Here is a super easy recipe that will keep you in front of the tv and with your guests.  Enjoy this cajun spiced chicken wing.  For the recipe click here.
Football Muffuletta Sandwiches

This is the perfect make a head sandwiches your guests will love. 

Click here for the recipe.


Make a big crock pot of this and turn your Super Bowl Party into a New Orleans Feast!

Click here for the recipe.

Keeping the Peace "Neutral" Football Favorite Recipes

Oreo "Play Formation" Cookies

Jazz up your Super Bowl table with this fun treat-Oreo cookies in a play formation! 

So simple, all you need is melted white chocolate and Oreo cookies. 

Click here for direction on how to make your own play oreos.

Fast Entertaining "cheater" Salsa

For years people have asked me for my salsa recipe and it is such a "cheater" version I would be embarrassed to give it to them; instead I would tell them to take some home.  This always made everyone happy but it's time I reveal my secret. 

Once, many years ago I had a very elaborate salsa recipe complete with grilling peppers, and onions and using multiple colors and textures of tomatoes.  Then it happened, a last minute party and I had run out of time.  I did have just enough time to get to my local supermarket and I picked up two different kinds of salsa, some fresh pico de gallo and some cilantro.  These ingredients plus a few I had in my pantry produced a very close substitute to my salsa, so much so I was the only one who knew-until now.  With this kind of time savings I have never made the original salsa again.  I hope you enjoy and use your extra time blending some margaritas.  To get the recipe click here.

Football Shaped Cheese Ball


This is a great way to continue the super bowl football theme for your party buffet.  Make your cheese ball look like a football.   


Get a football shaped cake pan the size that meets your party needs (i.e. small, medium or large pan).  Line your pan with plastic wrap and form your cheese into the pan.  Your guests will love it!


Hint: Running out of time or do you have a favorite store bought cheese ball?  Go ahead and use it, just buy enough to fill your pan. 


To get a bacon cheddar cheese ball recipe click here.

Watermelon Carved Football Helmet Fruit Platter

I've made watermelon baby carriages and tapped punch bowls so it only seemed natural to make a football helmet out of a watermelon.  The watermelons this time of year are the perfect size to make a helmet out of-very round instead of the really large long watermelons of the summer. This fruit platter will set the tone for a spectacular Super Bowl party! 

Chipotle Wings


These wings are marinated in a smoky chipotle pepper and agave nectar.  They have a multiple dimension of a slight sweetness with a little heat at the back of the palate.  The longer the wings marinate the more intense the flavor will be.  To get the recipe click here.

Southwestern Green Chili Sliders

This is a versatile recipe based off of a meatloaf recipe.  I altered the ingredients to lend itself to a Southwestern flavor.  Instead of forming the meat into a loaf form it flat into a pan and after it's done cooking slice it up into squares that fit the bun.  This is a great recipe for a party where the main attraction is the TV.  You can also use this recipe for a BBQ but instead of baking form the meat into patties and grill.

To get this recipe click here.

Hoagie Bowl


I found a version of this recipe on the internet and have used it many times for potluck and block parties.  If anyone in your group loves submarine sandwiches then this is the recipe for you.  It is the same flavors of your favorite sub sandwich but is easy to travel with. This is a great picnic dish, just omit the mayonnaise from the dressing.


To get this recipe click here.

Football Cake Pops

Serve these no-bake football shaped cake pops  from Oero cookie crumbs and frosting.

Click here for the recipe for these sporty cake pops.

Now for a cute table decor:  A football field table cloth


So you're in the theme for the Super Bowl; stay in it with your table decor.  I made a table cloth out of a artificial grass rug I purchased at a home improvement store.  I spray painted the field lines and yardage.  I can hardly wait for the big game...I think I will put the sliders on the 50 yard line.



Creating field lines

Painting the yardage

The finished table cloth; doesn't it look just like a football field?

Top your Table Cloth with a Field Goal Beverage Bucket

All you need is some PVC pipe and some connectors.

Pipe length: buy 1 10 foot piece of pipe to cut to size.


2 each 8 1/2" pipe -this forms the feet of the goal post resting inside the bucket

1 sideout contector -this connecst the goal post to the support feet

1 each 19" pipe -this is the main goal post  

1 each "T" connector -this connects the main post to the side arms 

2 each 9" pipe -these are the side arms to the post

2 each 90 degree connectors- these attach the side arms to the upright arms

2 each 11' pipe-these are the upright arms


1 beverage bucket


The hardware store may cut the pipe for you or use a regular saw at home.


Make your Super Bowl Party a Party to Remember!